PSL: Worklets

Introduction to Worklets

Worklets were originally designed as workflow mobile agents, but have been expanded to other applications. The Worklets system is designed as a mobile code infrastructure intended for dynamic re-configuration of third-party systems. Instead of bringing down entire components of a distributed system at runtime for recompilation, worklets carrying Java mobile code can be injected transparently into system components for incremental adaptation. Host components must include, or be wrapped with, a generic worklet virtual machine and host-specific adapter exposing indigenous reconfiguration capabilities.

What is this demo?


A Target Instance

This is what you see.

A Sender Instance

This is what you see.

How do I use Worklets now?

class myWorkletJunction {
  myWorkletJunction(String rHost, String rName, int rPort) {
    super(rHost, rName, rPort);
  public void execute() {
    WVM.out.println("\t --- Totally New Component ---");