"fixed" bandwidth calculation by adding a new function getAvgBandwidth

Author dp2041 <dp2041>
Author date 2002-11-25 07:19:04
Author local date 2002-11-25 07:19:04 +0000
Committer dp2041 <dp2041>
Committer date 2002-11-25 07:19:04
Committer local date 2002-11-25 07:19:04 +0000
Commit 938c5bbe956e95c82fd7c3a45bfee4898400012e
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"fixed" bandwidth calculation by adding a new function getAvgBandwidth
that does what getAvgSize and getAvgSpeed do, but in one loop
iteration.  Also, by calculating the bandwidth this way we can
preserve a little precision.  The getAvgSpeed is still commented out
and "not working", as indicated by the comments left by the previous

This method relies on the precision of the timing of the
URLDownloadFile method, which I have not delved into to check its
correctness.  I did cursory testing on the overall download and found
this measurement to be adequate.  However, further exploration into
more accurate measurements should be done in the future.
Affected files: