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Initial commit of new repo that has no passwords :)

Jonathan Bell [2012-01-06 16:41:23]
Initial commit of new repo that has no passwords :)
You've found my World of Warcraft Community API data scraper! I built this set of
tools to assist in my research on player usage of World of Warcraft. Contained in
this repository is a data scraper that scales to over 60 nodes, achieving (on my
hardware), a throughput maxing out at about 1 million characters per day (with
complete achievement, quest, raid, etc history). It is designed to be multi-phase:
first it loads in a list of guilds from a third party (e.g., then
it retrieves a list of characters in those guilds from Blizzard, then it queries
Blizzard for each character's information.

For more information on these projects, please see our technical report,
"A Large-Scale, Longitudinal Study of Player Achievements in World of Warcraft",
available at

This project is being distributed more-or-less "as-is": while the authors are more
than happy to help you get started with it, this should not be taken to mean that
it is supported :)

I am also more than happy to share anonymized data that I previously collected
from Fall of 2011.

Note: Blizzard has recently posted new usage guidelines for their API in their
community forums, at which
clarify somewhat the policy regarding accessing the API from multiple hosts
(which is the purpose of this application). Use at your own risk, and most importantly,
be sure to not negatively impact others use of the Blizzard API. YMMV.

Happy Data Mining,

Jonathan Bell