Last commit for makeassets.cmd: 7742c785825e402aceb3eabd198d2e64eaff83b4

Modified to better support the gauge for the WF.

valetto [2003-04-17 08:37:29]
Modified to better support the gauge for the WF.
Also added LDM plugin and tested on a Cougaar node.
  1. rem Script to generate asset classes
  2. set ALP_INSTALL_PATH=\pslcvs\tools\cougaar-8.8
  3. set COUGAAR_LIB=%ALP_INSTALL_PATH%\lib\core.jar;%ALP_INSTALL_PATH%\lib\build.jar;%ALP_INSTALL_PATH%\lib\glm.jar;%ALP_INSTALL_PATH%\lib\planserver.jar
  4. set SIENA_LIB=\pslcvs\tools\siena-1.4.2\siena-1.4.2.jar
  5. set CP=\pslcvs;%SIENA_LIB%;%COUGAAR_LIB%
  7. set CODEDIR=\pslcvs\psl\ai2tv
  9. echo on
  11. rem Regenerate and recompile all property/asset files
  12. cd workflow\assets
  13. java -classpath %CP% properties.def -Ppsl.ai2tv.workflow.assets Report_assets.def
  14. java -classpath %CP% properties.def -Ppsl.ai2tv.workflow.assets Client_assets.def
  15. java -classpath %CP% properties.def
  16. cd ..\..