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Moved all wgcache files into psl/wgcache

ajs248 [2001-02-08 22:23:34]
Moved all wgcache files into psl/wgcache
  - Three Local Caches i.e PersonalCacheModules -- AlpaWGC, GailWGC, PhilWGC.
  - AlpaWGC : creates a new workgroup PSL-Workgroup
              joins the new workgroup PSL-Workgroup
  - GailWGC : joins the PSL-Workgroup
              creates a new workgroup DASADA-Workgroup
              joins the new workgroup DASADA-Workgroup
  - PhilWGC : joins the PSL-Workgroup

To start
  - start the workgroup server by executing psl.wgcache.WorkgroupServer
  - run "java psl.wgcache.AlpaWGC"
  - run "java psl.wgcache.GailWGC"
  - run "java psl.wgcache.PhilWGC"

Note the *WGC files read:
  - the WorkgroupServer name from file: Workgroup.conf
  - the security settings from file: pcm.policy

Note the workgroup server reads:
  - the siena server location from file: .siena_master

All entities use rmiregistry running on the default port.