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PSL Software License for
Educational and Research Purposes

("Licensee"), and Columbia University in the City of New York
("Columbia"), regarding current and future versions of software
produced by PSL. License includes all programs, code, examples,
manuals and other documentation included in the release (collectively,
"the Software"). Licensee may modify the Software, to make repairs,
reorganizations, enhancements, extensions, ports, integrations with
other systems, or add, remove or modify code or documentation
(collectively, "the Derivatives");

1. Licensee agrees that the Software and the Derivatives will be used
solely for non-commercial research or educational purposes. Licensee
is not permitted to sell, lease, distribute, transfer, sublicense, or
otherwise dispose of the Software and the Derivatives, in whole or in
part, for any form of actual or potential commercial gain or

2. Copyright of the Software is and will remain with The Trustees of
Columbia University in the City of New York and/or its employees,
consultants and students, and shall at no point transfer to
Licensee. Any copyright notices on the Software shall be included on
all copies of the Derivatives, or any parts or portions thereof, in
any form, manner or substance, which are produced by the Licensee
including but not limited to incorporation of the Software into any
other program, technical data, documentation, firmware, or other
information of the like kind, type or quality;

3. Any externally disseminated publications such as, but not limited
to, manuals, technical reports, articles in journals, papers in
conference or workshop proceedings, and marketing brochures or
advertisements for sale or distribution of products, written in whole
or in part by Licensee personnel, including but not limited to
employees, consultants or students of Licensee, that are based in any
part on the ideas of the Programming Systems Lab or the Software shall
acknowledge Prof. Gail Kaiser and her Programming Systems Lab at
Columbia University, with citations to their published literature when

4. Licensee acknowledges that the Software is being supplied in an "as
is" condition without any support services or future updates or
releases. Columbia may or may not make future updates and releases
available to Licensee under this same or another licensing agreement,
but Columbia is in no way obligated to do so. If Licensee discovers
any defects or limitations in the Software, Licensee is encouraged to
inform Columbia by sending electronic mail to Columbia will not necessarily acknowledge
any reports or make any requested changes to the Software;

5. Columbia makes no guarantees, warranties or representations of any
kind, either express or implied. Furthermore, Columbia disclaims and
Licensee waives and excludes any and all warranties of merchantability
and any and all warranties of fitness for any particular
purpose. Licensee agrees that neither Columbia nor its future, current
or former personnel, including but not limited to employees,
consultants and students, shall be held to any liability with respect
to any claim by Licensee or a third party arising from or on account
of the use of the Software or the Derivatives, regardless of the form
of action; whether in contract or tort, including negligence. In no
event will Columbia be liable for consequential or incidental damages
of any nature whatsoever;

6. Licensee will guarantee that all actual or potential users of the
Software, and all actual or potential producers of the Derivatives,
within Licensee organization, or in organizations who have obtained or
may obtain the Software or the Derivatives from Licensee, are aware of
this agreement and of the terms for using the Software and producing