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Programming Systems Lab
XML Universal Event System (XUES) v0.11 README
Copyright (c) 2001 The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of
New York.   All Rights Reserved.

* Introduction

XUES consists of three modules that serve as core modules in the KX
event infrastructure: Event Packager, Event Distiller, and Event
Notifier (hereafter referred to as EP, ED, and EN).

Note that XUES is in a prerelease state, and is still active research.
This means that while the functionality mentioned in this document has
been implemented, there is no guarantee of error-free operation.
Additionally, modules in this system are subject to significant change
in the future; current API's are not final-form.

* Description

The EP is a Siena service whose responsibility it is to "spool" Siena
and XML events and shuttle them to the appropriate parties.  Spooling
is not completely functional at this time (e.g., it spools the events
but does not present an API to readily access them programmatically;
interested parties must read the spool file directly).

ED is a general event distillation service.  It detects event patterns
with specific timeouts, and upon such detection sends out Siena
meta-notifications as specified at runtime.

EN is a general framework for providing a bridge from KX to external
notification/target systems.  For particular functionality, a
particular EN must be implemented for the target platform.  The
standalone EN template does not implement any runtime features at this

* Distribution/Prerequisites

XUES is currently distributed in source.  In order to use XUES, you
must have several supporting libraries:

- SUN JDK 1.3 (
- Siena 1.1.3 (
- Apache Xerces XML parser (

If you installed the complete installation available from our website,
then both Siena and the XML parser should have been preinstalled for

Additionally, it is STRONGLY recommended that the KX metaparser be
installed at the same time.  Both EP and ED do have the ability to
interoperate with the metaparser for XML events that need its

Once source has been obtained, ensure that the CLASSPATH includes the
aforementioned libraries as well as the PARENT of the psl directory.
javac should then be able to compile the source with no further

* Configuration

At this time, only the ED requires configuration - a rule file must be
provided for execution.  See the TestRules.xml file provided in the
distribution, which corresponds to the DistillerRules.xsd schema
provided in the same directory.  This XML file is specified on
startup, so alternate rulesets can be composed and selected at

* Execution

Note that XUES is not intended for standalone operation.  However, a
tester program is provided so that you can experiment with its
functionality and begin to be accustomed to the XUES prerelease API.

Before the tester can be run, however, both the EP and ED must be
running.  (Incidentally, Siena should be running before any KX
components are started.)

1. Start Siena.  (java siena.StartServer)
2. Start EP.     (java psl.xues.EventPackager  [...])
3. Start ED.     (java psl.xues.EventDistiller [...])
4. Start EDTest. (java psl.xues.EDTest         [...])

For #2 through #4, there are parameters.  For usage, run the
appropriate module with the -? parameter.  It is *strongly* suggested
that you do this before attempting execution of the appropriate
modules.  The port number specified to #1, for example, should be
supplied to the XUES components at startup.  (Parameters to
siena.StartServer are available from the Siena website.)

Additionally, since no EN's that provide useful output are currently
provided, either a Siena service that accepts ED metaevents should be
constructed or these services should be started in a debugging mode
(-d) so that output can be monitored appropriately.  Constructing
Siena filters may be facilitated by looking at the KXNotification
class, located in the psl/kx directory; most KX components use these
predefined notifications as a template.

* Documentation

Published documentation is not yet available for XUES, as the API is
currently under heavy fluctuation.  However, XUES source is
well-commented, and follows Javadoc standards, so if basic
documentation is desired javadoc should be run on the supplied

* Known Problems/Bugs

Due to the early research state of this software, there are a number
of known bugs and issues.  We are in the process of compiling these,
and will be placing them on our website in the near future.  In the
meantime, see the email address below for support on XUES.

* Contact

PSL can be reached on the Web at  For
technical support with this product (limited, as it is a prerelease
version), email  For access to developers
(note that responses are more limited than technical support), you may
email {phil, do we want this public?}